Jeff Martin

Hemet High School

Head Coach
Jeff Reitz

Jeffrey Martin

Jeff Martin

Running Back, Linebacker
5'11", 225 Lbs., 17 Yrs. Old

I have played football since the fourth grade and I am extremely glad I made this choice. My dad pushed me to join the San Jacinto Eagles Junior All-American Team in hope it I would be able to play the sport in high school and eventually use it to get a college education. Football has given me a reason to try my hardest in school since both my parents and my coach said a 2.0 many be what is required to play ,but it won't get you into a college. Therefore, I have tried my hardest to maintain a 3.0 or higher GPA. Along with the motivation in school football has taught me a great amount of respect both for authority figures and my fellow players or pupils. I have also discovered my skill as a leader, it may not be the chant leading, yelling leader that is glorified in the movies, but I have been able to lead through example. My father and many other have always said hard work plays off and football has allowed me to witness that first hand. Since I was always pushed by either my father or a coach to give that extra rep or run that extra lap I eventually started to become more skilled than players that used to be the stars when I was younger. Everything down to my very running style has taught me that if you continue to give your all over and over again you will eventually gain the big runs. Although these are all skills I hold high, the most important skill I've learned from football is that everyone has their own way they learn and get motivated. This is a skill I can use in life later on and I believe will become the most useful and I owe it all to my football career and the coaches and players I have met along the way.

  • 2097 yards rushing in 2014 in 10 games (more than 500 yards separates Jeff from #2).
  • #2 most carries in the Nation after 10 games
  • #1 most carries in California
  • #6 rushing in California after 10 games
  • #1 in carries and rushing for the Inland Division of CIF
  • CO-MVP of the Mountain Pass League
  • First team All-League his JR season, 2013

2014 STATS:

  • 352 carries, 2097 yards, 22 touchdowns, Longest carry 88, highest game 414, lowest game 127

Hemet High School was established in the 1880's and Jeff Has broken every rushing record for the school.

3.2 GPA  1510 SAT

Hemet Varsity football received the award for Highest GPA for Riverside County in 2013, Jeff was a part of that team.

Team Captain.  The hardest working athlete I have ever coached In-season and out-of season, a work ethic in the weight room like no other. Squats 505 for reps, cleans 305, benches 325

Student of the month twice. Scholar athlete of the month. NBC Roggin Hero of the Week. Volunteered for "VIP for Tots" Hemet chapter.

Volunteered with "Horse rescue" of Riverside County

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