2018 Coach’s Nomination

Attention Coaches:

The nomination process includes two (2) steps.

  1. Coach completes Student/Athlete Nomination Form

  2. Student completes Self Appraisal Form

Student/Athlete nomination form, Student self appraisal form, and Student transcript must be submitted (transcripts uploaded) no later than Feburary 7, 2018.

NOTE:  Athlete will not be considered as a successful candidate unless above forms have all been submitted.  Form includes a section for the Student to include a digital picture of himself that will be used on the Banquet Program and this website.  It is very important that this is a picture suitable for these purposes, no selfies or game photos will be used.


The following criteria is used to qualify the candidate:

  • GPA – Minimum 3.0 (40%)
  • 1st Team All League, or Better (40%)
  • Community Service or other related extra curricular activities (20%)



2018 Coach's Scholar-Athlete Nomination Form for Player for 2017 Season