2015 Scholar Athletes

Perris High School

Head Coach
Chris Dowdy

Aaron Berry

Aaron J. Berry

Wide Receiver, Strong Safety, Running Back
6'4", 190 Lbs. 17 Yrs. Old

Parents Jamelia Adams and Willie Berry
Overall GPA 3.8
Intended College/Major Undecided

Football has made me the man I am today it taught me how to be tough strong disciplined and to fight for everything that I want. It taught me about Brotherhood leadership and unity. Throughout the four years of my high school football career I've been injured I've been tired I've been frustrated I've been talked down upon because of the school that I attend. This year I mentally, physically and emotionally I believe I grew the most. I became a man I learned how to carry my team on my back, put God in my heart and to give 110% of my absolute best every quarter every minute and every second of every game. Through it all win or lose football has made me who I am today.

  • 15 TD's (3rd place in league)
  • 85 tackles (5th place in league)
  • 4 INT's (3rd place in league)
  • 1st Team All-League DB
  • All CIF
  • Team MVP
  • 3 year team captain.
  • Received honor role twice

Aaron is a three sport, varsity caliber athlete.

He is actively involved ASB activities. He is actively involved in his church, in the Panther Sports Challenge which is a Special Olympics event that the Perris Union High School District puts on each year for special education students.

Rubidoux High School

Head Coach
Jason McMains

Vincent Brumitt

Vincent Brumitt

6'0", 325 lbs. 17 Yrs. Old

Parents Cecelia Salitre-Zaragoza and Norman Zaragoza
Overall GPA 3.2
Intended College/Major Undecided

football has been my life for the past four years. it has changed the way I live my life every day. it has taught me how to manage my time, be on time, and other responsibilities. being on my football team felt like I was a part of a giant family full of brothers. they have my back and I have theirs. throughout high school the best memories I have are playing football or football related. coming in as a freshman I had no idea what I was doing and I didn't know what to expect. the reason I wanted to play center was because my grandfather wanted to see me play that position and I had no idea what the center's job was. as a child I only dreamed about playing football in the big leagues but with hard work and dedication I realize that my dreams can turn into a reality. most of my achievements could not have been reached without the support from my coaches, my friends and most of all my family. they have motivated me to become something in life and they taught me that no matter what anyone say don't take no for an answer. I am grateful for the four amazing seasons of football I've had at Rubidoux high school and I am glad that I made the decision to play as a freshman. I play football for the love of the game and not just for the title. I know that my days of high school football are over but I am looking forward to my future at the next level. football has open many doors for me and I plan to take full advantage of anything that comes my way.

Vincent has been a 3 year starter on the offensive line. He has been 1st team all-league for two years straight, he won RHS annual HOG Award given to the best Lineman, he was a captain for the 2014 football team and a 4-year player for our program

Vincent has been apart of RHS FFA program and has won several awards in that program along with maintaining a 3.0+ GPA

Vincent is involved with many programs in our school and community. He has volunteered his time working with our 18-22 year old special education program. Vincent spends alot of his time in the FFA program at school as well as lettering and excelling in two sports on campus (Football and Track)


Eleanore Roosevelt High School

Head Coach
Tony Barile


Kevin Cavillo Chou

5'11", 240 Lbs., 17 Yrs. Old

Parents Mae Chou
Overall GPA 4.0
Intended College/Major Undecided

One of my greatest accomplishments and experience during my high school career would hands down be my football career at Roosevelt High School. At first I joined football just to improve my quality of life, until I noticed the potential that I was capable of achieving. Joining as a freshman in high school, I started for my team. That year we sadly went with a 5-5 record. My freshmen season should have been one of Roosevelt's best freshmen team, but instead we failed to live up to the expectation due to arrogance. Finishing the year taught me how to handle failure, which propelled me into my sophomore season.

In my sophomore season, Roosevelt hired a new coach, Tony Barile. That year we were expected to be in a rebuilding year. Well, that is exactly what happened. Everyone allowed the outsiders to impact our season. That year I started varsity as a sophomore. The transition from freshman starter to varsity starter represented the high school transition to college, very different with higher expectations and responsibility. Our record represented this clearly because we went 3-7. Such embarrassment made my junior off season a redemption year.

Going into my junior year, I was looked to by all the seniors as a leader of the offensive line. The transition from just an out of shape child to a leader in a matter of 3 years was a large responsibility. Having the coaches and players looking towards me was stressful, yet it showed that I had the character to achieve their expectation. Sadly I tore my medial collateral ligament in our ninth game of our ten game season. This prevented me from playing the final game of the year. That game I learned my importance to the team because of our performance in the last game. After it was all done we ended the season 6-4, an improvement from my sophomore year.

Instead of lifting weights for my senior season, I spent two months in physical therapy. After begin cleared, I entered the weight room with such determination to position myself in the best situation to succeed. The coaches noticing my dedication to the program made their decision to name me as a captain for the season easy. Not only was I named captain, but I built myself to the title of the strongest man in Roosevelt.

The transition from an out of shaped child to varsity captain in 4 years is my greatest accomplishment. Throughout my 4 years as a Mustang, I learned to accept failure and handle adversity. These are life challenges that cannot be taught through a textbook. Football also taught me to be a leader. Leadership is a very tricky role. You can lead verbally with poor character, or lead by example with poor vocal presence. There a fine line that must be reached. I eventually became a role model and verbal leader for my team. My greatest experience and accomplishment is playing football. Football has revealed my character and taught me valuable life lessons that I would have not obtained if I never played.


  • 1st Team All Big VIII Offensive Line 2014
  • 2nd Team All Big VIII Offensive Line 2013
  • Academic All League 2014
  • Academic All League 2013
  • Team Captain
  • Three year varsity Starter
  • Honor Roll all four years of High School
  • Scholar-Athlete three years
  • Spanish Student of the Month

Course Load:

  • AP Government & Economics
  • Calculus
  • Physics
  • Honors Language Arts

Community Service activities include:

  • Elementary School Tutor
  • Peer Tutoring
  • Friday Nigh Lights Youth Camp
  • World Kindness Day
  • Community Picnic in the Park clean up
  • Youth Flag football Referee

Calvary Murrieta Christian School

Head Coach
Brad Schwab

Billy Dedich

Billy Dedich

Running Back
6'0", 200 Lbs. 18 Yrs. Old

Parents Bill Dedich
Dallas Dedich
Overall GPA 3.5
Intended College/Major Undecided

The game of football has been an exciting part of my life that has helped develop my character through the lessons it has provided in accomplishing goals and success through hard work, perseverance and endurance. I learned the value of persistence and preparation of practice from the joy of success in my first touchdown of my first official game in the 8th grade and the exhilaration of scoring the game clinching touchdown to become League Champs in my last league game of my Senior year.

I have gained an appreciation for the hard work of those grueling summer practices which really made no sense to me at the time. Practicing for hours and hours, day after day, week after week, month after month seemed like torture and unnecessary sacrifices of time until the season came around and I was called on in almost every game to play almost every single down. On offense and defense and special teams, most of the time I would not come off the field. That was when I realized the wisdom of my coaches to train so hard and prepare me for those moments. I enjoyed the opportunity of leadership that experience gave me to help my underclassmen see that persistence is rewarded.

My coaches not only taught me but showed me great examples of dedication and sacrifice. I watched them pour themselves into my life and my team. They spent their time beyond the measly amounts they were paid. There is no way they were compensated for the hours and hours of time before and after practices and all the team meals and video time. All the coaches donated so much and I look forward to the time where I get to return the investment in me back to my community and school in the kids coming up behind me.

Playing football has given me a great respect for competition. I liked being able to play a game against other teams, and understand that without them there would have been no games at all. Playing against other teams and players who worked as hard as I did and were playing their hardest to win was amazing. It was great to be able to pick each other up after a play and turn around and go for it again and pick each other up and encourage each other to turn around and do it again. Then shake hands after the game and look forward to the next time we would face each other again.

Learning how to play through the pain of being hurt and overcoming the challenge of sitting out due to injury, is a tremendous lesson I will always be thankful I learned from the game of football. I will always be thankful for my coaches challenging me to push myself through those adversities to see the difference between playing hurt or actually being injured and needing to have time to heal and come back healthy so I would find success. This is something I believe will help me throughout the rest of my life.

Scoring 6 touchdowns in one game in my freshman year was absolutely a highlight in my High School Football career I will never forget. Capping off my High School football experience by rushing for over 800 yards and scoring 13 touchdowns my Senior year was incredible. Playing for Calvary Murrieta, a Christian school, was great in learning how to apply my Christian faith to athletics.

  • 148 Carries for a total of 828 yards.
  • 5.6 Average yard per carry.
  • 13 TD's
  • 1st Team All League
  • Team Captain

Honor Roll all Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior Year

City of Murrieta Student of the Month Award
Ronald Reagan Student Leadership Award
Powder Puff High School Coach – 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th

Develop, produce and present school assembly videos for chapel assemblies

Initiate, co-ordinate and lead a weekly Bible study for Senior boys

Captain Varsity Football and Soccer

Temecula Valley High School

Head Coach
Richard Mey

Griffin Duran

Griffin Doran

Slot Receiver
6'1", 210 Lbs., 17 Yrs. Old

Parents Wendy Doran and Toni and Joseph Doran
Overall GPA 4.12
Intended College/Major Undecided

4 Year Football / 3 year Varsity Starter while maintaing a 4.1 GPA highest among team

National Junior Honor Guard ( Top 5% in class)
2nd Team All Southwestern
Senior Year stats: 469 yards
5 TDs including a game winning in closing seconds
18.8 yards per catch

Family is not an important thing. It's everything. It's the backbone of every sports team and the deciding factor in a championship run. The greatest moments are the times you spend with the ones you love. Family isn't from just blood but people who love you unconditionally. People who will be proud of you no matter what happens, and will pick you up when things don't fall right. I stood and pondered how this season changed whom I am. It has made a more disciplined, and respectful leader on the field and in my community. This season has shaped me for the man I am today. To win and to keep grinding was a lifestyle for us, but we did it as a unit. Trusting and believing in every individual to do their part ultimately made us so successful. I've been given the opportunity to play not only with my best friends but my brothers.

Football has shown me an inseparable trait: family. Family will be there when no one else is. They'll praise you thing go right and pick you up when things go wrong. God has blessed with an amount of talent, but as college draws near I realize He has blessed me with a family I will miss a great dear.

Griffin is a Wes Welker type player. He can line up for us at Wide out, Tight End and in the backfield. He is a very physical player that can create problems that try to match him up with safeties and LBers.

Griffin had 25 catches for 469 yards, an 18.8 yard average and 5 touchdowns. His biggest catch of the season was against La Sierra where he brought in the game winner with no time on the clock.
Griffin was selected second team all league this year as a wide receiver. Our league does not have a Tight end category. Despite taking a challenging academic load in his classes, Griffin has achieved a 4.05 cumulative gpa.
He has been placed on the honor roll and principal's list multiple times throughout high school.

Griffin is an exceptional young man. He is a true team leader. The rare young man today that leads his peers through effort and word. However, he is very humble.
This year is my first at TVHS. The program had struggled for several years before our arrival. This year, we were able to achieve a winning record and make the play-offs for the first time since 2005. Griffin is one of the biggest reason for this turn around. He pushed his teammates and led our team on and off the field.

Hemet High School

Head Coach
Jeff Reitz

Jeffrey Martin

Jeff Martin

Running Back, Linebacker
5'11", 225 Lbs., 17 Yrs. Old

Parents Michael and Rachael Martin
Overall GPA 4.0
Intended College/Major Undecided

I have played football since the fourth grade and I am extremely glad I made this choice. My dad pushed me to join the San Jacinto Eagles Junior All-American Team in hope it I would be able to play the sport in high school and eventually use it to get a college education. Football has given me a reason to try my hardest in school since both my parents and my coach said a 2.0 many be what is required to play ,but it won't get you into a college. Therefore, I have tried my hardest to maintain a 3.0 or higher GPA. Along with the motivation in school football has taught me a great amount of respect both for authority figures and my fellow players or pupils. I have also discovered my skill as a leader, it may not be the chant leading, yelling leader that is glorified in the movies, but I have been able to lead through example. My father and many other have always said hard work plays off and football has allowed me to witness that first hand. Since I was always pushed by either my father or a coach to give that extra rep or run that extra lap I eventually started to become more skilled than players that used to be the stars when I was younger. Everything down to my very running style has taught me that if you continue to give your all over and over again you will eventually gain the big runs. Although these are all skills I hold high, the most important skill I've learned from football is that everyone has their own way they learn and get motivated. This is a skill I can use in life later on and I believe will become the most useful and I owe it all to my football career and the coaches and players I have met along the way.

  • 2097 yards rushing in 2014 in 10 games (more than 500 yards separates Jeff from #2).
  • #2 most carries in the Nation after 10 games
  • #1 most carries in California
  • #6 rushing in California after 10 games
  • #1 in carries and rushing for the Inland Division of CIF
  • CO-MVP of the Mountain Pass League
  • First team All-League his JR season, 2013

2014 STATS:

  • 352 carries, 2097 yards, 22 touchdowns, Longest carry 88, highest game 414, lowest game 127

Hemet High School was established in the 1880's and Jeff Has broken every rushing record for the school.

3.2 GPA  1510 SAT

Hemet Varsity football received the award for Highest GPA for Riverside County in 2013, Jeff was a part of that team.

Team Captain.  The hardest working athlete I have ever coached In-season and out-of season, a work ethic in the weight room like no other. Squats 505 for reps, cleans 305, benches 325

Student of the month twice. Scholar athlete of the month. NBC Roggin Hero of the Week. Volunteered for "VIP for Tots" Hemet chapter.

Volunteered with "Horse rescue" of Riverside County

Citrus Hill High School

Head Coach
Eric Zomalt

Paul Mesa Jr. 2

Paul Mesa Jr.

Long Snapper, Offensive Line
6'1", 220 Lbs., 17 Yrs. Old

Parents Paul and Robin Mesa
Overall GPA 4.27
Intended College/Major Pomona College/Computer Science

Football has always been a huge part of my life. Since I was seven I have been involved with football in some way everyday, whether practicing on the field or training in the gym. I have suffered countless injuries and have made many mistakes. Over the years I have become unappreciative of playing but every time I have thought about walking away from playing to save myself from prolonged injuries, I couldn’t. It has taught me hard work, dedication, respect, and has shaped the way I think today, both in the classroom and while interacting with others.
I have been the smallest player on the offensive line and this is one of the places where size matters. From early on I had to focus on being technical because I couldn’t rely on my weight or strength. Before high school I played scared and was intimidated of everyone that was bigger or looked stronger than me. It was the same in the classroom and kids that acted smarter both irritated me and intimidated me.
Once I got into high school, everything changed. I went to a new school where I did not know anyone. The only people I knew were a few kids in the scholars program and on the football team. The only ways I would make friends would be to have confidence in myself and to prove my abilities. I could be the best in the classroom and on the field.

At practice one day my freshman year, the linemen had to go against the defensive ends on the team and everyone was getting anxious to see who could succeed. I had been prepared by my dad from a young age to be successful in this drill. The coach made me go after the first few linemen had little luck blocking the defensive ends. I was extremely nervous because the kids I had to go against were fast and they were both track stars at the school. The first time I went, I got beat and the coach pulled me aside and gave me encouragement. He told me to trust in myself and in my abilities because I could be the best because even though I didn’t have the size, I had the technique. I had trained my whole life to be ready for anything the opposing player could throw at me. I was able to succeed In front of everyone, just after I had been beaten. Being the only lineman that was successful, others were asking me how I could accomplish such a feat. I taught them what I knew and became a leader on the team that day.

I’ve learned that, no matter how many times you get thrown to the ground, you have to get back up. Without getting beat or failing, you get complacent and just accept where you are. Life has taught me to push through my mistakes and become better a better football player but also a better student that can handle failure in a positive, productive way. I’m motivated to study harder and be the best I can be academically.

I look forward to playing 4 more years in college. Currently I have likely letters from RPI, Case Western Reserve and Rose-Hulman. I have been told I have coaches support from both Cornell University and Pomona College. Each of which accepts less than 10% of those that apply. Although I have already been out to Cornell twice I am leaning towards Pomona College because it is closer to home where my parents can see every game and it has much smaller class sizes.

Paul is planning to be the Long Snapper at Pomona College.

Selected for the 2014 Offense Defense All American Bowl in Florida and the All West Footba1l Classic in Temecula.

3 time ALL CIF Scholar, 3 year Team High Academic Award,

2011 Team USA 2011 Youth All State, 2009-2011 Youth All American.

Has passed 5 AP exams with 4 or Better

Member of the Scholars Program,

Ranked in top 1% of class 5 out of 526, with a 30 on ACT

Selected for apprenticeship at University of Wyoming in summer of 2014

Class Valedictorian

Helps at local food kitchens

Helps mentor young long snappers at Snap Hold Kick

November 2014 Student of the month,

All current and former teachers praise his citizenship and leadership in the class room.

Heritage High School

Head Coach
Kraig Broach


Isaiah Morrow

Running Back
5'9", 180 Lbs., 17 Yrs. Old

Parents Vera Morrow
Overall GPA 3.2
Intended College/Major Undecided

Football has made a positive impact in my life. I started playing football at the age of 10 and it has improved my confidence, character and my self-esteem. Football taught me the discipline of training, learning teamwork, following the leadership of coaches and learning how to win and lose. These skills has helped on and off the field. Football provided me the opportunity to engage in conversations with adults and peers. Prior to playing football I was lacking confidence talking to adults. Thanks to football I’m very confidence, positive and a caring individual.

Sunbelt Offensive Player of the Year- 1400yrds rushing with 25 tds – As a Junior Isaiah earned 2nd team all league.

Isaiah has earned Student and athlete of the month at Heritage high school

Isaiah Morrow is everything you want in a high school football player. Not only did he have a great season on the field;more importantly, he was a senior captain who represented all the qualities one would want in a student athlete. He has a positive energy that is infectious and is willing to do whatever the team needed in order to be successful. Isaiah is a leader on campus… one which can be looked upon regardless of the situation.

San Jacinto High School

Head Coach
Bill Powell

Ryan Muir

Ryan Muir

Wide Receiver
6'0", 185 Lbs., 17 Yrs. Old

Parents Patrick and Shaina Weathersby
Overall GPA 3.0
Intended College/Major Undecided/Kenesilogy-Athletic Training

Football has taken a great impact on my life. The two lessons that it has taught me was to be a hard worker and to be a team player. It has instilled discipline in me that has carried over not only in my athletic life, but also in my academic life as well. It has made me realize that I can accomplish all my dreams with hard work and dedication. The time I spent in the San Jacinto football program has helped mold me into the person I am today. I would like to thank all of my coaches that have helped me over the years. Also I would like to thank my parents who have been there for me all my life. Between my parents and the football coaching staff listening and learning from them is what makes me want to strive far in life.

  • 47 receptions for 1099 yards
  • Yards per reception 23.4
  • 99.9 yards average a game
  • 12 Touchdowns 
  • Team Co-MVP
  • All League MVP

I have volunteered at the San Jacinto food bank, Hemet Youth Pop Warner games, Special education classes at our school.

3 yr starter at wide receiver. Mountain Pass league MVP 2014 all-league 2013

Ranked # 4 in California in the 300 hurdles. Team MVP for 2014 Had 49 catches for 1,095 yds and 13 touchdowns

Team MVP in track all county in track

Solid 3.0 student who is in the upward bound program while taking college prep classes throughout

golden Paw Award winner for Leadership 2014

food bank volunteer in san jacinto community

pop warner volunteer coaching youth

volunteers in the special education classes at our school

Vista Murrieta High School

Head Coach
Coley Candaele

Jamie Nunley

Jamie Nunley

Tight End, Wide Receiver
6'5", 215 Lbs., 17 Yrs. Old

Parents Jon and Mery Jo Nunley
Overall GPA 3.61
Intended College/Major University of Arizona
Full Ride Scholarship

Playing football has made a great impact on my life so far and will surely help me going forward in life. I have been fortunate to play football for the past 7 years. Even at that early age, I recognized how important it is to be part of a team. I learned that hard work, determination and persistence pays off in the end. As a football player, you most likely won't win every game but you can still learn and benefit from the experience, even when you lose. My coaches have prepared me and my teammates to face not only the challenges of playing football but also the life challenges that lie in store for us as young men once we graduate from high school. They have taught us to work hard, never give up and to be lead by example through character and responsibility.
Throughout high school, my coaches became my mentors. Coach Candaele instilled in me the importance of responsibility, character and leadership. Being responsible on the football field has carried over into the classroom where I've maintained a high GPA in my core, advanced and college level classes. Valuing character means that I always do my best to represent myself, my team and my school. By instilling these traits in me, I have become a leader. I set a strong example to my peers to always work hard and to try to be the best person you can be. I consider myself very fortunate to have coaches that believed in me and taught me such valuable life lessons.
Now football has made it possible for me to achieve my goal of earning a college degree. I have accepted a full athletic scholarship to play football at the University of Arizona where I plan to work hard both on the field and in the classroom to continue my education at the next level. I am grateful for the opportunities football has given me and look forward to the day I am able to give back and teach young kids the lessons that the sport of football and my coaches have taught me!
4 year high school football player/3 years varsity starter
Team captain junior/senior year
All Southwestern League 2014
Honorable Mention All Valley 2014
All CIF 2014
VMHS Football Show Me Award Recipient 2013
Scholar Athlete 4 years
VMHS Varsity Basketball 2012 and 2013
VMHS Track 2012, Varsity Track 2013/2014
2012 All-State Freshman Boys Team Long Jump
TRI-SPORT Varsity Athlete 2013 (FB/BB/Track)
Athlete of the week 2012, 2013. 2014
Athlete of the Month Oct. 2014
Volunteer and helped organize Football canned food drive, car wash fundraisers
Volunteer with Murrieta Valley Pop Warner youth football teams


  • All-CIF, All-League, 42 Rec. 700 yards
  • 3x All-League Academic

Coaching is sometimes a very tough job, however it is coaching student/athletes like Jamie Nunley that makes everything worth it. Jamie's leadership and character would make any team better just by his presents. Jamie is an "others centered" athlete. He truly believes in spending his time inspiring and motivating the teammates around him. As a result of his inspiration and motivation, his team will get better and will be rewarded.

Desert Hot Springs High School

Head Coach
Will Littell

Thompson Ongalibang

Thompson Ongalibang

Nose Guard, Offensive Line, Long Snapper
6'1", 245 Lbs., 17 Yrs. Old

Parents Thomas and Cynthia Ongalibang
Overall GPA 3.68
Intended College/Major Undecided

I would have never been as great a student I am now if it weren't for football. Football taught me the greatest lesson I'd ever learn -a lesson I had not learned previously- and it was responsibility. I never felt the need to turn in homework, and if I did do work, it was incomplete or incompetent at best. I only ever did enough to get by; I was satisfied with passing. It wasn't until joining football, having to be accountable for my mistakes, that I realized "getting by" wasn't good enough. Doing the least with your ability is how you let your team down. The effort that I put out directly affected my teammates, and in serious cases, it could lead to the potential injury of my teammates. I was responsible for my team. I had to finally give effort if I wanted to "get by." I had to be responsible. That is when I allowed responsibility into my lifestyle. Afterwards, it all became natural, on the field and in the classroom, I was finally accountable for myself and all of my actions. Football taught me there’s more than sitting around doing nothing all day could. It gave me a life-lesson worth following.

  • Tackles – 57
  • Assists – 12
  • Caused fumbles – 1
  • Recovered fumbles – 2/36 Return Yards (both TD's for game winning scores)
  • Sacks – 8
  • Tackles for loss – 15
  • De Anza League Defensive MVP 2015
  • 1st Team All League 2014

Has passed two A.P. Exams and earned college credit

Honor Roll all four years of High School

2 Years U.S.B. treasurer

Community Volunteer in high school for over 200 hours of service in the community.

Thompson is a leader on and off the field. He leads by example all the time. Thompson has made the Dean's List all 4 years of High School. He always has a smile on his face. He isn't a Me guy and will do whatever is best for the team.

The greatest thing about Thompson is that he is humble and never lets any of his success go to his head. Thompson is the kind of youn man that you feel blessed to be able to coach, because he is always learning and taking what he's learned and applying on and off the field. The best thing about Thompson Ongalibang is that he makes everyone around him better and better for knowing him!!



Chaparral High School

Head Coach
Ryan Tukoa

Ray Riley

William (Ray) Riley

Running Back
6'0", 195 Lbs., 17 Yrs.Old

Parents Williams and Sandra Riley
Overall GPA 3.8
Intended College/Major Undecided

I was not used to failing. It all hit me so fast and I was shocked by the experience. It changed my mentality and how I view situations substantially. I lost all self-confidence and belief in myself. I thought that I would not be able to continue to play the sport I love, football.

It all started with an injury that I obtained during track. I pulled my groin during a track meet and instead of resting it and letting it heal, I continued to play on it which progressively made it worse. The injury affected my performance on the field immensely. I couldn’t cut with the same quickness as before. I didn’t possess the same speed that I once had, and as a result all I could think about was my injury instead of focusing on what I had to do on the field.

The mental beating that I received from this injury far exceed the physical pain that I was in. Not only was my performance not up to par, but I was slowly losing the respect that I had worked so hard for from the coaches and my team-mates. I was shoved to the side, and when I finally realized that I wasn’t “the man” anymore, it devastated me. Ever since I was 10 years old I was the guy. In Popwarner I was always the best player on my team every year. My freshman year of high school I dominated every side of the ball and received overall team MVP. Coming into my sophomore year my confidence was at an all time high. My performance during Spring ball was great and I caught all the coaches attention with my play. But within a blink of an eye, that all disappeared and I fell all the way down to the bottom of the food chain.

I was depressed, angry, upset, bitter, sad and my anxiety began to slither increasingly within my mind. Ever since I was a kid I always had some type of nerve induced anxiety, but now it was getting out of hand. I was literally making myself sick on the field. I didn't know what was wrong with me. I ended up having surgery for a torn labrum and hip impingement 3rd week of my sophomore year. My injury still plagued me though. Physically I felt better but mentally I was still in a bad place. However, I wasn't about to give up on my dream because of the anxiety I was suffering from. I kept going and kept playing through it.

I would be lying if I said I didn't suffer from this today, but I'm getting a better control of it and choose to keep fighting. So I decided my new philosophy on life is Hakuna Matata, which means no worries. Football has 100% shaped me into the person I am today and also made me realize I can overcome difficult obstacles in my life, and I will become stronger because of it.

Ray rushed for over 1,200 yds and 16 TD's his senior year and 1,000 yds and 11 TD's his junior year. He was chosen Offensive MVP for the 2014 season by his teammates and 2nd Team All League. Ray had more yards rushing than any other player in the southwestern league during league play while gaining and over 100 yds in each game.

Ray has continually been on the honor while carrying a 3.45 GPA in classes such as Physics, Chemistry, Spanish, and AP English. During this past semester he was a member of the All Academic Team for the southwestern league and he looks to pursue his academic and athletic career at a four year college.

Ray was nicknamed "reliable Ray" while playing at Chaparral for his consistent effort, attitude and performance on the field and in the classroom. Ray led by his desire to compete and be the best he could be, especially after dealing with an torn labrum in his hip that caused him to miss his sophomore year and battle through a year and a half therapy and training to get him physically ready to play again. His effort to get back on the field and lead the Pumas showed his love for football and his teammates. Ray has an extremely bright future ahead of himself and Chaparral has been blessed to have him as part of their school and team.

Santiago High School

Head Coach
Jeff Steinberg

Travis Shollin

Travis Shollin

6'0", 220 Lbs., 18 Yrs. Old

Parents Robert and Colleen Shollin
Overall GPA 4.4
Intended College/Major Undecided/Civil Engineering
Over the years, football has taught me some very important lessons and has ultimately built my character. It has taught me not only how to work as a team, but how to lead one. It has taught me discipline, and how important it is to be disciplined for a lack of attention to it can prove, which I have learned, to have consequences. It has taught me to persevere through the hardships and grind of the countless hours of practice and training, only to prepare me to stand up to the true adversities that life may throw at me, rather than shy away from them. Most importantly, football has taught me the true meaning of friendship and family. You are surrounded by an environment in which you are forced to learn perhaps one of the most important qualities that defines strong relationships, and that is having trust in those you depend on, and being reliable and trustworthy for them in return. I feel fortunate to have been able to play football in high school for 4 years.  I feel honored that I will be able to continue playing at the Air Force Academy.  
  • Football Awards & Recognition: Team Captain,
  • Lettered 3 years
  • All League Junior year
  • Member of Shark Football Leadership Council
  • Santiago Football Scholar Athlete Award
  • Santiago Football Captains Award
  • 55 Total Tackles
  • 35 Solo Tackles
  • 11 Tackles for Loss
  • 4 Sacks, 6 Hurries

Academic Honors: Principal's Honor Roll 4 years, All League Academic Team grades 10-12
It was an honor and pleasure to have the opportunity to coach Travis the past 3 years.  Travis is a very good football player having been an integral part of our defense.  His athletic ability will be missed and tough to replace however his leadership and character are something that most coaches do not see to often on a year to year basis.  This will be much tougher to replace on a year to year basis.  Travis was one of 4 team captains on our squad.  He has the leader of a very young and inexperienced defense this past year.  Travis handled it very well.  He was positive with the younger guys, he worked hard, knew his assignment and helped other players understand their responsibilities on the field and role in the program.  He was an extremely easy choice to identify as a captain from his coaches and was a unanimous selection from his teammates.  This spoke volumes about the respect he had from everyone in the program.  He took pride in everything he did.  Although he was a silent leader for the most part Travis had the confidence to talk to his coaches about a variety of things.  He valued communicating in a positive way.  Off the field Travis was a leader in the classroom.  He performs extremely well in his AP and honors classes.  He obviously works hard in the classroom and manages his time extremely well. It is great to see a student athlete who is well rounded.  We are excited to see Travis continue his football career at the Air Force Academy where his football talent and leadership abilities will continue to grow.

Elsinore High School

Head Coach
Tony Peralta

Scott Smoak

Scott Smoak

Offensive Tackle
6'1", 215 Lbs., 17 Yrs. Old

Parents Ron and Tammy Smoak
Overall GPA 4.2
Intended College/Major Undecided

Coming into high school for the first time as a Freshman is a whole new experience that can be overwhelming and difficult to cope with if one lets themselves get caught up in the social aspect; however, this is not the case for Elsinore football players. The football program at Elsinore offered the entire team, but especially me, structure and organization, not just on the field, but in my everyday life off the field as well. I had played football before and it had always had a big impact in my life, but there was something different about high school football, and something unique about my specific high school football program. Every football player always claims that their team is like a family to them, but I personally believe that my team is not like a family, they are my family. We did not just play football together, we had meetings and got emotional at them when we played poor and we tried to figure out the problem, but not because we wanted to win, but because we could not stand the fact that we were playing poorly for our brothers. Our team played every play dedicated to one another and that is a bond that I have yet to feel with any other team or any other person in general. Football has given me a family who I can sacrifice my mind and body for and having that in my life is an indescribable feeling that only other football players can understand.


  • 1st Team All League
  • 1st Team All CIF
  • Comeback Player of the Year

Scott was a dominant player this year on the offensive line. He bounced back from a serious knee injury in his junior year, one that would have ended the career of most kids. With his mental and physical toughness combined with his focus and determination, Scott persevered through it all and had a great senior year. His Team went 9-3 and advanced to the CIF quarter finals. Along the way, Scott set a school record in "knock downs" in a game (7) in 2014.

  • 4.1 GPA
  • Ranked 11th of 469
  • All Academic (4 yrs)
  • Student of the Month

Scott is focused and diligent in his studies. He has aspirations of pursuing a career in the profession of medicine, in becoming a Doctor.
Ranked 18th of 98 in Excellent Character from his peers.

All Outstanding attitude / conduct marks from his teachers.

Team leader both on and off the field.

Scott is well liked and respected by his teammates and his classmates. He is friendly and a great person to be around.

Beaumont High School

Head Coach
Paul Lopez

Mohammad Tabel

Mohammad Tabel

Running Back, Linebacker
5'7", 170 Lbs., 17 Yrs. Old

Parents Khalil Ali and Mageda Tabel
Overall GPA 4.1
Intended College/Major Undecided

Money, fame, and glory is what football can get you, if you work hard enough. It's every parent’s dream to raise a kid successful in sports, chief among them is football. However, for my parents, coming from a Middle Eastern background, this was a barbaric sport with no value other than a few broken bones. So when I began to gain interest in the sport in fifth grade, I had asked to join the Junior All-American League, but unfortunately my parents did not let me saying it was not worth the money. Instead they told me to wait until high school where it was free to play. For the next four years I would watch every football game religiously and force my brother and cousins to play even if it was only the four of us. Now was the time to play, I was going to be a freshman and was ambitious and excited to play my dream sport, football. My desired position to play was running-back. I was denied this position my freshman year because my coaches said I was too slow, so I was benched most of the year. After an uneventful season my parents began nagging me to quit, telling me to quit and that I was wasting my time. However, I ignored their wishes and began to work on my own for the next season to improve my speed. It was a success! I had improved my forty yard dash time from a 5.5s to a 5.1s, and was the starting Junior Varsity running-back my sophomore year. The season was so successful that I was brought up to varsity in the middle of the season. Due to my accomplishments during the season, varsity coaches had great expectations for me for the following year. However, this was changed due to my parents making me go to my home country of Palestine over the summer. This affected me because I would miss summer practice, and I couldn't workout in Palestine because it would be rude for me to ignore my family and workout. So when I came back from Palestine I was physically behind everyone else on varsity, and went from a sophomore on Varsity to a junior on Junior Varsity. Coaches told me I could not play varsity until i gained my strength back. I began to workout anytime I was free. It took me until the middle season to be placed back on varsity. However, I did not get very much playing time for I was still physically behind everyone else. This season was a big disappoint, fortunately I had one more season to go all out for myself. Every year coaches lay out their expectations to the players for the upcoming season. Mine was a disappointment because they believed I could not play running-back on the varsity level. They began to say I had no speed, and I was lacking strength. This motivated me to prove them wrong, and to beat the odds. I went up on all my max lifts and improved my speed. My forty yard dash went from a 5.2s to a 4.8s and bench press went from 205 lbs to 250 lbs.They noticed my improvements and I went from fifth string running-back to first string by the time the first game started. I became the senior captain of the team and also got promoted to play both offense and defense. I had a great season, and lead my team to many victories. The four years of football taught me a valuable lesson. It taught me things are handed to you. It taught me that if you want to be great you have to work for it. You have to have the mindset that you're going to do something and nothing can stop you but yourself. Also, told me to cherish the things you have because even good things have to eventually come to an end. That's what football has taught me it taught me how to be successful in life and achieve your dreams!

Selected 1st Team All Mountain Pass League
Team Most Valuable Player 2014

4.1 Cumulative GPA
Scholar Athlete 4 years
Class Rank is 15/609

Mohammed is a very disciplined young man. He is devoted to his faith, family, academics and football. It has not always been easy for him. He has worked hard to become a scholar athlete. His academics have been rigorous, with AP Calculus, AP Physics, and AP US Government. He has been a scholar athlete all 4 years in football, and was the Most Valuable Player for our team. He played on both Offense and Defense and special teams as well. Mohammed Tabel is top notch, and will represent Beaumont High School well whereever he goes.

La Quinta High School

Head Coach
Dan Armstrong

Christopher Rom-Tribolio

Christopher J. Rom-Toribio

Running Back, Cornerback
5'7", 160 Lbs., 17 Yrs. Old

Parents Mark and Melina Toribio
Overall GPA 4.8
Intended College/Major Undecided

The alarm rings again precisely 5:30 AM. A crusty eye struggles to open, weighted down by exhaustion and the temptation of slumber. Chris’s hand slams down on the alarm clock, choking off its annoying screams to awaken. Comfortably, he rolls over and swaddles himself back into the warm embrace of his blankets. Sleep is on his way back to claim him. Suddenly, a strident roar washes over Chris as he tries to sleep again. Turbo is in the room and he’s upset. He kicks the bed and yells, “Get up! We’ve got work to do!” Chris responds, “Man, give me fifteen more minutes.” At this retort, Turbo seizes the young man in bed by his shirt and effortlessly drags him out of bed and onto his feet. Chris finally started getting ready as Turbo demands, “Let’s go” and storms out the door.

Chris and Turbo are two different entities that keep each other in balance and who compose a single being: me. Chris is the academically driven entity. He searches for tests of knowledge and strives for academic achievement. Anything that stimulates the brain is a subject of interest for Chris. Turbo is the athletic side and his goal is to be the best on the field. His motivation is aimed towards physical development and he refuses to accept second best. Together, Turbo is able to meet the academic requirements to stay in sports, and Chris is able to have more self-discipline and individual commitment.

Chris is a smart kid, but he can only learn so much from teachers and book. That’s where Turbo comes in. He brings Chris with him to practices and workouts to help develop some essential skills for life. Among those skills are being self-disciplined, having sportsmanship, persevering and collaborating. Turbo explained how each aspect worked alone as well as how they’d help Chris out in the long run. He showed Chris that having self-discipline keeps him focused and on the right track. It keeps him from giving into distractions and guilty pleasures such as social hangouts and junk foods; anything that keeps him from his goals. Turbo helped Chris develop a mind set in which he would know when it’s appropriate to relax and when it’s time to work. In football games, he continued, perseverance and collaboration became a recipe for success. Through perseverance and collaboration, Turbo was able to become the state’s leading rusher and scorer. He explained that if Chris stayed strong when things started to get tough and asked for help if he needed it, he would able to achieve great things. Chris’s final lesson with Turbo was having sportsmanship. With sportsmanship came humility and respect for others. Turbo explained that no matter the outcome of a situation, Chris needs to stay level headed and have respect for everyone and their abilities. With every lesson, Chris became better equipped for success.

I’m glad I entered sports for both the unforgettable experiences and the acquired skills. Every time I’m struggling to finish, Turbo appears and keeps me on track with his expertise then he disappears back into my mind where he’ll always be. Since Turbo entered my life, I have found a new motivation to do my best with every task and work through any challenge no matter how difficult and it’s these skills that will help me become successful in all of my endeavors.

  • 319 carries for 3011 yds.
  • 46 td's 2 kick-off returns for Td's
  • 1 punt return for td.
  • 3 catches for 161 yds
  • 1st team All League DVL League
  • Off. MVP
  • 1st team ALL CIF Eastern Division Off.
  • MVP TEam MVP.

I'm sure there are many more awards coming. Also DVL 100 yd and 200 yd dash Champion last year.

All DVL Academic 2 years in a row. Ranked 16 in a class of over 600. 4.619 GPA

Team Captain, Member of our "Special Teammate Project" ASB Vice President. La Quinta's nomination for CIF Scholar Athlete of the year award. Talented artist who has painted murals around the campus. Wants to major in engineering.

Has applied to both Stanford and M.I.T. for admittance to their engineering school.

Canyon Springs High School

Head Coach
Pete Garza

Jacob Whitmer

Jacob Whitmer

Wide Receiver
6'7", 185 lbs., 17 Yrs. Old

Parents Nancy Whitmer
Overall GPA 3.1
Intended College/Major Dixie State/Undecided

Football has changed my life by helping me mature, develop self-disciplined, take on leadership roles or as I became a better athlete. It has opened doors as far as being able to be recruited for potential scholarships. Has broadened the scope of potential to also attend schools out-of-state as well as in. It has also helped me gain more confidence and has boosted my self-esteem.

1st Team All-League 2014
2 years Scholar Athlete
3 years Offensive MVP
2nd team All League 2013
Varsity Captain 

Team Captain.  3 yr. Varsity player
1st Team All Inland Valley Offense
All Inland Empire Academic Team
2013-2014 Scholar Athlete
2014 Offensive MVP
50 rec. 810yrd 11 TDs

2 year Honor roll
2013 All Academic Team
2014 All Academic team

Jacob is a exceptional student/ athlete. Jacob has been a great leader and mentor to the underclassman on our team. Jacob has volunteered his time to mentor the youth by helping with football camps, officiating flag football games. Jacob has volunteered at the local gym for helping special needs children. Jacob will be a great asset where he is.

King High School

Head Coach
Kevin Corridan

Brett Wolf

Brett Wolff

Outside Linebacker
6'1", 193 Lbs., 18 Yrs. Old

Parents Don and Kerri Wolff
Overall GPA 4.0
Intended College/Major Undecided

Having played football beginning in middle school and through high school, it is obvious to me that it has impacted my life heavily. It has taught me morals and ethics that would otherwise be foreign to me. Leadership, commitment, teamwork, brotherhood, dedication, all of these things I have drawn from my experiences in football. It has fundamentally changed me as a person, through moments of valiant victory and tumultuous and heartbreaking failure I have learned to rely on whats important in life and block out all the negativity that I might face. Many games of having the opposing crowd jeering at our team hoping to tear us down has hardened me as an individual, yet at the same time I've been softened by the emotions that ceaselessly bombard you during a win, or a loss. I recall playing a game against a dominant team at their house. Their crowd would let loose a deafening practiced cheer whenever a good play was made, and it shook the resolve of many of our players, including myself. However, the sport of football has prepared me to be not so easily intimidated. By the second half I couldn't hear anything on the field other than the quarterbacks cadence and the words that passed between my defense.
While I'm sure that my mom would boast that I get good grades from "being a smart kid" there isn't a doubt in my mind that in addition to impacting my character, football also impacts my grades (surprisingly, in a positive way). During the season I'm so focused on working hard in practice and coming home to equally hard school work and tackling that as well. Football gears me to work endlessly, and as a result my studying habits and homework completion are near perfect during season. As soon as that gear gets turned in, however, it seems like I go into shock. The game that has held me accountable for working hard 12 hours a day has dissapeared from my life for months. I feel lost, and without my usual routine I fail to get things done until I can snap back into it. Being so wired for football in season is one of the greatest feelings in the world, like anything and everything is possible. As soon as the wires disconnect, however, it takes weeks to assimilate to life without the sport. Then the heartache for another season kicks in, and my drive to excel kickstarts me back into my football-fueled work habits that I can likely rely on for the rest of my life.

Brett has been a 3 year starter at Long Snapper and has started at Linebacker the last 2 years. This year he moved from inside to outside and was able to make the adjustment quickly. He finished the season with 40 tackles, 2 tackles for a loss, a sack and an interception. Brett plays with an intensity that matches his smarts and is always prepared.

Brett has an academic GPA of 4.0 and ranks 71st in a class of 765.

Brett is a great example of what a high school student athlete should be. While maintaining his academics and athletic demands he still finds time to be the president of the Chess club….he is not just a member.

Santa Rosa Academy

Head Coach
Bob Burt

Josh Wuhrman

Josh Wuhrman

Tight End, Linebacker
5'9", 180 Lbs., 17 Yrs. Old

Parents Arnie and Candi Wuhrman
Overall GPA 3.0
Intended College/Major Undecided

Football has made such a difference in my life. It has taught me the importance of being punctual and using teamwork to an advantage. I have a love for the game, when I strap on my helmet and go onto the field I know that I can have fun and be competitive. Without football I wouldn't be the person I am today.

1st Team All South Valley League, Team MVP, Co-Captain 2013 and 2014. Team leading receiver 2013 and 2014.

Unknown at this time.

2 year team captain.

Murrieta Valley High School

Head Coach
George Wilson

Aaron Young

Aaron Young

6'4", 210 Lbs., 18 Yrs. Old

Parents Michael and Valerie Young
Overall GPA 3.07
Intended College/Major Duke University/Full Ride

Football was just another past time while I was younger but my freshman year in high school is when I realized how much I enjoyed the sport. My team had a 3-7 year, winning the first three games and losing all the rest. Regardless, I still looked forward to going to practice every day. I still enjoyed just being able to play the sport. The following year, my sophomore year, I had made it on the varsity squad and was ready to start making plays on friday nights. The first couple of games went pretty well, but after that, I got a weird mental block thinking that everyone I played against was better than I was and I let it show in practice and my play. Needless to say the rest of the season wasn't really what I would've liked it to be. My mom thought I wouldn't return the following season but I had another idea. I was more than determined to make something out of myself through the sport. I was so adamant on returning the next year and becoming nothing less than great. My junior year was a successful football season and it earned me offers to colleges, but I wasn't satisfied. During the off-season of my junior to senior year, I had never worked so hard in my life. I went to the gym 6 days a week, went to a countless number of football camps, (for either colleges or just to learn and get better) and played on a 7 on 7 passing league team that went to several tournaments in California, Nevada, and Florida. In those tournaments, I played against some of the highest ranked defensive backs in the country and had success against them. This whole experience was the biggest confidence booster I ever had and it showed it my senior year when I had a monster season with 16 TD's, 1,083 yards, and 61 catches. I was the first receiver in school history to have over 1,000 yards receiving in a single season and I broke every single receiving record except the single season receptions record of 63 catches. I have learned with determination and perseverance one can achieve their goals in life.

61 reception, 1083 yards, 16 TD's, 1st team all-league

Honor roll

Member of ASB on campus. Has a lot of school spirit. Very good student. Has high morals.